Premium Jewelry Cleansing Foam

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Elevate Your Shine, Naturally!

Revitalize your cherished pieces with All-Purpose Jewelry Cleansing Foam—your ultimate solution in jewelry care, now available in an innovative foamy formula. Our exclusive Cleansing Foam is designed to clean every piece in your collection, whether it's diamonds, gemstones, pearls, gold, or platinum.

Experience the magic of our dynamic foaming action, which gently yet effectively lifts away dirt, oils, and residues, revealing nothing but radiant jewelry.

What's even better? Our formula is both non-toxic and biodegradable, making it a safe choice for you, your pets, and the planet.

By taking care of your jewelry, you will be able to keep their beauty and shine for several generations.

General maintenance

We offer complete cleaning kits to keep your jewelry beautiful forever: Accessories – VaudryJewelry


To prevent your jewelry from losing their shine we advise you some tips:

  • Most jewelry can be cleaned with warm water, mild dish soap and a soft brush.
  • Avoid contact with agents such as perfume, lotion, makeup, hair products and cleaning products. Always remove your jewelry before swimming and exercising.
  • Keep your jewelry away from chemicals: Chemicals can damage precious metals and even some stones. Jewelry should avoid as much as possible coming into contact with chlorine from a pool and should definitely be removed in a spa. Also, when cleaning with chemicals (bleach, etc.) avoid contact with them, many contain ammonia which could damage some stone and metals. Chemicals can damage gold alloys, greatly weakening the jewel.
  • Store your Vaudry Jewelry in a pouch or lined box for safe preservation.