About us

Our story

Vaudry Jewelry is a Canadian and proudly Quebec company. We proudly represent Canadian craftsmanship. All of our exquisite jewelry is carefully designed and produced in the vibrant city of Quebec since 2016. Our commitment to sustainability shines through as we use 100% recycled metal in creating our stunning pieces. Delve into a world of adventure and style as we take you on a journey of extraordinary craftsmanship.

Our mission is to go beyond mere adornments, introducing the world to a realm of dreams and beauty. Every article we offer embodies flawlessness, imparting a sense of satisfaction and allowing individuals to express their true character. Discover pure joy with our collections.

Words from the Founder and Owner

'' When I sit and think of an idea, working with my hand on the metal, creating it makes me feel so calm and I feel like I am part of something, part of a stronger force that I couldn’t describe. A force of nature, that just takes control and lets me use the perfection of nature, her line, her curve, her power to create something even bigger than me. I just let it drive me and this is how we create and offer nothing but the best to our customers. We mix our style and character to fill their needs and as a whole community in the end we both have a wonderful feeling. ''

Benoit Vaudry of Vaudry Jewelry